• Day of the Dead Bloodline (2018)
    What is it?The studio that somehow has the rights to the name “Day of the Dead” knock out another movie to cling to those rights. It’s running zombies and stuff on Netflix in the UK. Is it good?It weirdly both is and isn’t.The practical effects are alright, and they clearly have […]
  • Resident Evil 7 (2017)
    What is it?A nasty case of mold, not to mention cannibal hillbillies, a hapless videogame protagonist blunders into. Capcom’s successful reinvention of the horror wheel, version reviewed being PlayStation 4. Is it good?It really is! It’s a bit simple once you understand how it works, although a first playthrough may knock […]
  • JeruZalem (2015)
    What is it?An ancient evil below Jerusalem begins to seep through, and then pour out, into the city above. The events are caught on the smart glasses of a US tourist. Streaming on Amazon. Is it good?The technological angle taken for the found footage perspective was pretty effective, although may be […]
  • Three Nightmares by Tom Stearns (2019)
    What is it?Four horror shorts (the titular three Nightmares plus a bonus story) by indie author Tom Stearns covering being a bitter outsider, the cost of mistakes, the extremes a lack of empathy can lead to, and horrific twists. Is it good?There’s something of a classic literary style to how the […]
  • Resident Evil 3 (2020)
    What is it?The modern remake of Resident Evil 3, where a survivor from the first game needs to escape a zombie virus infested city with the subtitular Nemesis bio weapon monster relentlessly hunting them down.Available on most modern videogame platforms. Is it good?It’s short. It’s linear. The story is so simple […]
  • Troll 2 (1990)
    What is it?This film has its own documentary titled ‘The best worst film ever made’, which should tell you everything you need to know.It’s the sequel to a low budget horror movie called Troll about a Troll, except this film has no trolls in it.It’s a horror film called Troll with […]
  • The Last of Us Part 2 (2020)
    What is it?Controversial sequel to the hit original, where survivors in a world overrun by fungus based zombies (based on a real parasitic infection) have complicated relationships frequently expressed with extreme violence. Currently a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Is it good?While it plays a little unusual, it’s definitely good.Let me define “unusual”… […]
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 (2014)
    What is it?Horror game where you play the security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s new and improved Family Pizzeria!Where the animatronic characters make FUN come to life!There is one or two problems with malfunctions at night though…The animatronic animals tend to wander around.And there may be a problem with them confusing people […]
  • Don’t Listen (2020)
    What is it?Spanish horror (‘Voces’ originally) where the creepy old house a family are renovating turns out to be haunted, and it especially likes messing with the troubled young son…Streaming on Netflix. Is it good?While modestly budgeted this is some solid filmmaking. Mostly a single location, but a brilliant single location […]
  • Critters: Bounty Hunter (2014)
    What is it?A fan film based on the 80’s cult comedy horror franchise Critters, made in advance of the news the studio who owns the franchise were interested in producing a Critters Web series.An alien bounty hunter enters a scene of suburban carnage, where something out of this world has been […]